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“Yoga Therapy is the professional application of the principles & practices of yoga to promote health & well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalised assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, & yoga /somatic practices for individuals or small groups.”

- The International Association of Yoga Therapist

When embarking in Yoga Therapy you will have a in-depth 1:1 consultation to co-design an individualised plan that will support you achieve your health & wellness goals.

You will work together with Sarah to identify your main concerns, set goals and create new habits.

Yoga Therapy offers a unique body-mind approach to healing, aiming to put YOU at the centre of your journey. Yoga Therapy encourages you to connect with your inner intelligence, inner resources.

New Client Intro Pack - includes 90 minute initial consultation and 2 follow up appointments (to be used in a 6 week time span) $490

What to expect:

During your initial 90-minute appointment, Sarah will review your intake form and discuss your goals. During this appointment we will seek to ascertain the core issue(s) and root cause(s) of your presenting condition(s) including your belief systems, lifestyle and other personal challenges.

In your second session, you will explore tools & practices that you can implement & integrate into your life to help you achieve your personal goals.

We may utilize tools including asana (physical shapes), pranayama (breath awareness and techniques), mudra (hand gestures), mantras (sounds), visualizations, chanting, relaxation, meditation, dietary advice (Ayurveda), lifestyle counseling and guidance. In-between the second and third session you are encouraged to implement these tools.

In your third session, these tools & practices will be reviewed and make any alterations needed. You will then discuss if you would like to organise follow up sessions.

As a Yoga Therapist in these follow up sessions, Sarah offers ongoing guidance in your process of self-study (svadhyaya) so that you can gain greater self-understanding.

As you continue on your own svadhyaya you are able to continue to understand more about yourself. You may in turn feel more empowered and more able to be in control of the maintenance and management of your own daily health needs.

Extra Information

Additional follow up appointments can be made as needed, this may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. They can vary in length with 30, 60, 90 minute options available below.

Yoga Therapy sessions normally flows in a 4-step process:

1) Rest and Release

2) Functional Restoration

3) Strength Building

4) Empowerment of the Person

This may be accomplished within the first 3 sessions; however, you may require follow up sessions that extend over a number of months.

Yoga Therapy can support:

• Depression/low mood

• Anger

• Anxiety

• Grief and loss

• Stress

• Trauma

• Identify related issues

• Emotional regulation

• Improved introspection

• Attachment

• Improved relationships

• Chronic pain

Sarah Truman
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