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Sarah Truman

Sarah Truman is the founder of Wild Child & CO and is a registered Yoga Therapist, Mental Health Aware Yoga teacher and a Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator.

Sarah has been working with children, Adults & Families since 2016. She is continually undergoing ongoing professional education in the areas of Mental Health & Trauma and is currently studying Psychology. Sarah also has a passion for working with children & adults with ADHD, autism & who suffer from social anxiety. Sarah is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of Yoga (beyond the physical movement) & how we can implement this into our daily lives. Sarah offers a highly individualized approach to Yoga and believes that a one size fits all model does not apply to Yoga or life! Sarah provides both online & in person appointments.

Sarah also offers a 10 week Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive program. TCTSY founded by the Centre for Trauma & Embodiment (CFTE) is an empirically validated, clinical intervention
for complex trauma & chronic treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that gives participants the opportunity to
- practice choice making
- practice being in the present moment
- experience introception
- experience taking effective action
- restore mind - body connection
- cultivate a sense of agency

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Sarah is a registered yoga therapist who utilizes the practice, principles and philosophies of yoga to support children & adults recover from trauma and with mental health challenges. Sarah is passionate about somatics and the bodies role in the healing process.

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