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A casual shared clinical space used for therapy and counselling with colourful couches and art work. A table with water and tissues is in the middle of the room and a desk and chair at the back of the room.

At the heart of The Base Health's values is a prioritisation of safety as the foundational pillar for optimal mental health. Committed to trauma and attachment-informed care, inclusivity, and utmost respect for each individual's unique journey, the goal is to create a safe haven for clients – meeting them where they are and genuinely listening to their stories.
Upholding the value of collaboration, The Base fosters a culture of teamwork and connection. Multidisciplinary collaborations ensure a holistic approach to care, and active, consensual engagement with families and stakeholders is a key aspect. The establishment of strong community partnerships further reflects The Base's commitment to raising mental health awareness and educating the wider community, ultimately strengthening the social fabric that supports individuals.

Professionalism is a guiding principle at The Base, with a team comprised of professionally accredited  clinicians who are dedicated to lifelong learning and providing evidence-based care and treatment.

The client remains at the center of this care, marked by respectful, professional, and reflective practices.


Embracing the value of innovation and creativity, The Base is committed to contributing to the continuous movement and change needed to restore the mental health system and collective mental health. The diverse array of services offered reflects this commitment, ensuring that each client's unique needs are considered, and care extends beyond conventional boundaries.


The Base stands as a testament to a transformative movement in mental health care – where connection, collaboration, safety, and innovation are not just values but the very essence of the groundbreaking care they provide.


Dr. Caroline de Vries's vision has shaped The Base into a beacon of hope, inspiring positive change in the landscape of mental health care.


We have noticed that over the years, mental health has become more constrained and limited by bureaucratic processes, with a focus on diagnoses and medication.

Care is often delivered siloed, and the complexity of humankind and the human mind is simplified and categorised.

We are a group of mental health experts committed to reimagining & destigmatising a change mental health care.


We have noticed that over the years, mental health has become more constrained and limited by bureaucratic processes with focus on diagnoses and medication. Care is often delivered siloed, and the complexity of humankind and the human mind is often simplified and categorized.

We believe mental health care is best delivered through connected cohesive teamwork, providing trauma informed relational care in a humane and person specific manner.

We believe it is crucial to consider the system around clients and consider the whole person and their environment.

We know it is time to change the system and that the time is now.



We believe that a safe base is the crucial foundation for optimal mental health. Trauma and attachment informed care and inclusivity guides our practice. We ensure confidentiality and respect for your story and unique mental health journey. We want to be your safe harbour and meet you where you are at, truly listen and help you towards your goals.


We believe that people need connection and community. Clinical care is teamwork, and we pride ourselves in our multidisciplinary work. Our clinicians come together regularly to share knowledge and support their clients and the team. We also work together with families and other stakeholders where needed and with consent. We aim to establish strong community partnerships to raise mental health awareness and educate the wider community on how to foster good mental health. 


Our professionally accredited clinicians are experienced and committed to lifelong learning. We use evidence-based care and treatment to help you thrive and get unstuck. Clinicians and administration team engage in respectful, professional, and reflective care, where the client is at the centre.

Innovation & Creativity

We are committed to move and change and restore the mental health system through creative thinking and innovation. We provide a diverse array of services who collaborate in your care. We ensure your unique needs are considered and think outside the box of regular care.


Our Name

“THE BASE” was inspired by the parenting course the "Circle of Security". It represents the foundation we all need when we want to grow to our full potential.

When people have a secure base, they have a safe place to come to and to grow from, and to come back to when needed. We want to provide this place.

Ikigai, a japanese concept, as a logo design with explainations to each area. The Base Health logo.

Our Logo

Our logo was inspired by a Japanese concept of Ikigai.


This refers to one’s unique combination of  factors which gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

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