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Yasmina Lees

Yasmina specialises in providing support to young people with trauma and their parents/carers using evidence-based therapies that integrate the principles of neuroscience for assessment, treatment, training and family support. Yasmina also specialises in providing therapeutic parenting support to carers, foster carers and providing support and training to staff who support children and adults with trauma. Her approach to educating and supporting parents/carers involves translating the principles of neuroscience and attachment research to help carers understand the brain processes involved in childhood trauma and provide practical strategies for connecting and healing.

Yasmina believes healing for children begins when parents/carers gain a better understanding of how to meet the child's emotional needs (i.e. dealing with the cause, not the symptom) and how to develop deep connections, trust and safety with children. It is only when a child feels connected and safe that they will engage more effectively in learning and interacting positively with others.


Monday, Thursday

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