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Renee Brady

Renee worked for 6 years in private mental health facilities, with experience in both inpatient and outpatient day programs. Prior to her mental health training, she also worked as a Personal Trainer for approximately 4 years, returning to university to study nutrition. Her extra study has allowed for her to treat the person as one, considering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas.

Renee also has experience with facilitating Tuning into Teens group therapy. Renee has experience
working with a range of clients to support them in reaching their goals and supporting them with their psychological and physical health challenges. Renee works with adolescents and adults with mental health challenges, pain management, ASD, BPD, as well as anxiety and depression management.

Renee has a nurturing, educational, flexible, adaptive, authentic, and trauma- informed approach to provide the best support for her clients on their journey.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

CONTACT to inquire or book.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy;
Dialectical Therapy; Motivational Interviewing.

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