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Janine Bendit

Janine is predominantly a relationship counsellor. This means she would see you individually or with other people, she approaches by thinking about your whole world and what influences that world.

Janine supports people who present with a range of issues that include dealing with difficult relationship dynamics, living with domestic violence, managing parenting relationships, undergoing separation, children and young people in the context of their family relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger issues, and grief and loss. Whether you are seeking support for yourself, for your relationship, or for your family, Janine is creative in the way she works, tailoring the sessions to the individuals attending in order to create opportunities for connection, growth and change. She ensures that everyone feels heard and supported, exploring how current issues have developed and are being maintained by communication and behavioural patterns.


Monday, Tuesday



Family Systems Therapy: Imago Couple Therapy, The Gottman Method (of couple therapy); Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Narrative Therapy, Trauma- Informed Practice; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy; Solution Focused Therapy; Group work theory & practice.

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