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Lani Jacobs

Lani has always loved art and been fascinated by the inherent healing quality of creativity and the process of making, thus choosing to work with art every day. She welcomes anyone who wants someone to accompany and assist them in their journey of self-discovery or healing.

Art therapy with Lani is perfect for someone who would like to try an alternative to traditional talk therapy as complimentary to other therapies or on its own.



CONTACT to inquire or book.


Lani utilises a range of modalities in sessions with her clients depending on their individual needs. The most common modalities include, Multimodal Bilateral Stimulation, Flash Technique, ACT based Art Therapy, CBT based Art Therapy, Multimodal Inquiry including, puppet making, puppeteering, gestural, movement, sculpture, painting, drawing, metal embossing, resin, sound and light sculpting, stop-motion.

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