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Karen O’Dell

Karen O'Dell is an Art Therapist at The Base Health, working as part of a collaborative team of mental health clinicians. She has lived experience with mental health as the carer of loved one with C- PTSD and a parent with Dementia.

Karen has a strong belief in the art therapy process and its ability to engage those who struggle with traditional talking therapies. She has a desire to bring people and creativity together to help individuals to discover the best in themselves.

As an art therapist and as a practising visual artist Karen has worked with a wide variety of ages in both groups and individual sessions. She has taught many forms of art and craft classes and workshops in schools and community colleges, also participating in mentoring programs with teenagers for many years.

Art therapy compliments the more traditional talking therapies while also offering an alternative for clients who find these difficult. Through individually tailored sessions the client is encouraged to express themselves through creativity, opening pathways to access thoughts and feelings that can be difficult and, at times, impossible to verbalise.

Art therapy is offered in a calm, creative, and safe environment where the initial emphasis is on building a trusted therapeutic relationship and creating a space where clients feel safe to engage.

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Karen has worked at the Base Health for the past 4 years and for 2 years prior to that was working with private clients, co-facilitating Art Smart art therapy programs for at risk children and facilitated community art therapy groups on a voluntary basis.

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